This Damn Serpent in My Veins

To be honest, there are worse sensations.
I don’t know how or why this serpent found its way
into the veins of my left arm, but as it slithers up and down
my arteries, it proves adept at scratching some burning itches
on the inside of my arm that I never realized existed.
I suppose we all have these under-skin itches everywhere in our bodies,
and we just learn to ignore them as we grow,
realizing that our only method of relief is ignorance.
Maybe this is why infants cry so much:
they have not yet learned to ignore the untouchable itch.
As I write this, I can start to feel those itches come back to my attention;
maybe reading this, you are experiencing the same thing:
that tingling bug all under your body,
that odd urge to dig your hand through your flesh
and ease the loneliness and neglect of that inside layer of skin.
Maybe not, and you just think that’s a pretty fucked-up urge to have.
Unfortunately, there are also downsides to having a snake
roaming around without aim in your blood.
For one, it too needs rest, so for hours at a time it will rest in one spot,
entirely blocking whatever blood vessel it stops in,
causing whatever area of the body that blood was intended for
to become fully numb and limp. People will also give you funny looks
when they notice the large impression of a snake wriggling around
under your skin.
A spur of energy seems to have just struck the serpent, and its making its way
up my thigh and into my torso—Oh no. It looks to be headed to my heart.
I don’t know what’s going to happen, and now that I consider it,
I likely should have called an ambulance when I first noticed
this damn serpent in my veins. I can’t see it anymore, it must be near the heart.
I don’t knseefhghoicn ao’’ffiaaaaaazaaaaaaa

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